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Published on May 3 2024 at 19:35 UTC
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🎁 generate beautiful landing pages for your projects

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oranda is an opinionated static-site generator that is designed for developers who are publishing projects and would like a website but don't want to build one from scratch.

oranda uses oranda so you can checkout a live example here!


To install oranda, please visit the oranda website- which is generated by oranda!


# build your site
> oranda build

# build your site and start a server that rebuilds on file changes
> oranda dev

Here's an animated demo:

oranda demo gif


First of all: oranda is designed to work without a configuration file. For a lot of projects, you can likely just run oranda build and get a site that contains a couple of things that oranda was automatically able to glean about your project. That being said, it also supports a configuration file that allows you to tweak many things about oranda's behaviour.

If you'd like to configure oranda, place an oranda.json file in the root of your project and fill it with the configuration you'd like. Check out the docs to learn more about your configuration options!

Installers: integrating with cargo-dist

oranda has first-class integration with cargo-dist, a tool that builds distributable artifacts for your Rust applications. If you have cargo-dist configured in your project correctly, oranda will be able to automatically tell. Benefits of integrating with cargo-dist include:

  • Installer scripts: cargo-dist can generate one-line installer scripts, which oranda will display in your generated page
  • Guaranteed platform support: oranda tries to support as many platforms as it can, but if you build something with cargo-dist, we guarantee it'll show up correctly


Feel free to open a new issue or pull request if you notice something off or have a new feature request! We sometimes tag issues with good first issue for issues that we think would make a good learning experience for new contributors.

For local development on oranda, we also have a special docs page with some tips.