Homebrew Installer

since 0.2.0

This provides a Homebrew formula which allows users to brew install your package. Since it installs to a location on the user's PATH, it provides a simple and convenient installation method for users who already have Homebrew available. When published to a tap (package repository), this gives your users an easy way to both install your package and to keep it up to date using brew update and brew upgrade. It fetches the same prebuilt macOS binaries as the shell installer.

cargo-dist can, optionally, publish your formula to a tap repository for you on every release. To enable this, add a tap field to your Cargo.toml pointing to a GitHub repository that you control and add homebrew to the publish-jobs field. The repository name must start with homebrew-. For example:

tap = "axodotdev/homebrew-formulae"
publish-jobs = ["homebrew"]

In order to write to a tap GitHub repository, cargo-dist needs a personal access token with the repo scope exposed as HOMEBREW_TAP_TOKEN. For more information on GitHub Actions secrets, consult this documentation.


  • Does not support creating a formula which builds from source
  • Does not support Linuxbrew (Homebrew on Linux)
  • Does not support Cask for more convenient GUI app installation