Artifact URL

Fetching installers need to know where to download the actual binaries from, so cargo-dist needs to be aware of a base Artifact URL that it can derive download URLs from when it builds those kinds of installers.


Currently this functionality is restricted to the "github" ci backend, which uploads your artifacts to a GitHub Release. Because cargo-dist is fully in control of the uploading of your artifacts, it can automatically compute the Artifact URL for you, as:


Where repo_url is the value of repository set in your Cargo.toml, and tag is the git tag of the release. For safety reasons, cargo-dist will refuse to define repo_url (and therefore the Artifact URL) unless all packages in your workspace that define repository agree on the value and have the format of{owner}/{project} (although we'll do some cleanups like trailing slashes or .git).

For example, if we want the linux build of axolotlsay 0.1.0, we have:

* Cargo.toml "repository": ``
* git tag: `v0.1.0`
* artifact url: ``
* download: ``


Future releases will expose a more general mechanism for specifying artifact download URLs.